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Sorority house caught video taping pledges' sex with anonymous boys from the internet

Online Dating Sorority Sex Scandal: From Bigs Tampa Bay News

Wow. How long til the film rights get sold, y'think?

TAMPA - This morning, Tampa Police raided the Sigma Delta Pi sorority house at Westborn College. Twenty three women age 19-24 were arrested on charges that included pandering, hazing violations, racketeering, and recording sexual acts without the permission of the participants. As part of the initiation into the sorority, each of the 36 pledges were “required to have sex or oral sex on a first date with 7 partners in a two week period” according to district attorney Michael Watts. “These [partners] had to be men they did not know chosen from a popular online dating service. There is evidence that at least 2 of the senior girls in the sorority received in excess of $2500 in checks from men who were pre-selected as sex-dates for the pledges.”

District Attorney Michael Watts

It is suspected that all 36 of the pledges who are now Sigma Omicron Pi sisters went on sex-dates with a total of more than 250 different men. Two of the dates are reported to have been with high school seniors from nearby Shelby High School.

According to reports, at least 3 men were informed of the hazing ritual. They then created profiles at the online dating site and paid the senior sorority girls to encourage the pledges to select them. These three men have been taken into custody and police expect more arrests to be made by the conclusion of the investigation.