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Video Game Symphony

PLAY! A Video Game Symphony: Coming soon to Detroit, Chicago, Stockholm (already sold out), Philly, Vienna and Toronto

PLAY! A Video Game Symphony is a Symphony world-tour featuring music from blockbuster video games. The music is performed by some of the finest, world-class orchestras and choirs. All concerts take place in classy, prestigious venues. Graphics on large screens suspended above the orchestra accompany the scores, highlighting memorable moments from the video games. ... Games include: * FINAL FANTASY® * THE ELDER SCROLLS III: MORROWINDTM * METAL GEAR SOLID® * THE LEGEND OF ZELDA® * HALO® * SUPER MARIO BROS.® * CHRONO TRIGGERTM * CHRONO CROSSTM * WORLD OF WARCRAFT® * KINGDOM HEARTSTM * SHENMUETM * SILENT HILL® * BATTLEFIELD 1942TM * SONIC THE HEDGEHOG®