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Overspending Republicans score victory against overspending Republicans

Senate narrowly OKs benefit cuts

Clinton created a surplus, pretty much got rid of the deficit and trimmed government spending more than anyone had in a long while. It's Bush and the Republican controlled congress that have jacked Federal spending through the roof and created an enormous deficit by cutting taxes on the rich and spending trillions on this war in Iraq.

Saying that Republicans scored a victory over spending blah blah blah is ridiculous. They are the ones DOING the spending!

The Senate on Thursday narrowly approved the first cuts since 1997 to benefit programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and farm subsidies, giving Republicans a modest victory against ever-rising government spending.

The bill, passed by a 52-47 vote, makes mild cuts to the health care programs for the elderly, poor and disabled, but leaves the food stamp program untouched.