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I Love the Smell of Irony in the Morning

Pandagon: Mmmm How's That Taste Tom? Because It Smells Good From Where I'm Sitting

So DeLay got his original Judge recused from the case because said Judge had perviously donated money to the Democratic party. And now D.A. Earle has done this:

"In an unprecedented move, Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle filed a motion Thursday asking a Republican presiding judge to remove himself from the decision about who will be the trial judge in the conspiracy case against U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Sugar Land.

Earle, a Democrat, argued that Judge B.B. Schraub, the presiding judge for the 3rd Administrative Judicial Region, should step aside for the same reasons that state District Judge Bob Perkins, a Democrat, was removed from hearing DeLay's case: Both had given political donations.

In the retaliatory motion, Earle wrote that he was using the same rationale that DeLay's lawyers used to get Perkins removed from the case. He said Schraub of Seguin, like Perkins of Austin, is a fair and impartial judge with a "sterling reputation" of honesty and integrity."

It's gorgeous turnabout. Fair play to Earle.