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July 20, 2008

Just saw The Dark Knight -- mini-review w/spoilers

dent.JPGVerdict: If you want to feel like you got punched in the head and have no active drug connections, see this film. Click through for the spoily bits. Plot coherence: 7/10 -- I only lost the thread once, when we were asked to identify and care about the dirty cops. Since Gordon appeared to be the only cop with half a clue on a force of what seemed like 125,000, I'm not sure why we needed any of them. The funny: 5/10, decent marks for a film with such a deadpan take on the subject matter. The Joker owned most of it, but the tractor-trailer flipping upside-down in the middle of Wacker Drive was LOL win. And despite oneself, one can't help but love that hacky ol' Michael Caine and his improbable Cockney accent. My willingness to endure the "moment of shit" after being punched in the head for 150 minutes: 2/10. Yeah, Gary Oldman's voice makes you want to cum. Me, too! But dude, we need to wrap up that voiceover, I gotta be at work at like 8 a.m. That blowed up real good score: 11/10. In terms of destroying downtown Chicago, it made The Blues Brothers look like a 1901 Les frères Lumière short subject about workers leaving a factory. And the gratuitous chopper shot of the hospital imploding? Mmmmmm-wha! Delicious! Clear your goddamn throat: Director Christopher Nolan needed to have Oldman, Heath Ledger, Christian Bale and Aaron Eckhart draw straws to determine who would get to be Mr. Gravelly, The Man Who Grunts. Because we can't all have gravelly voices, can we? Icky Girl Dept.: Do I want to make love to Maggie Gyllenhaal? You bet! Would I want to make love to her in this movie? Not really! That's a problem. Was there a costume designer on this film? That said, she fooled around on Harvey with Bruce and vice versa and thus, the whore had to be burned to death. Ah, comic books -- you never let me down. The United Colors of Organized Crime: I guess affirmative action hasn't been struck down in whatever state Gotham City is in, because for a bunch of unscrupulous criminals, the various mobs take great care to promote inclusion, though the Innuit gang might have been a step too far. Probability we give a shit that the real Chinese Air Force would have incinerated the sky-hook prop-plane before it got to the Hong Kong shoreline: None. Just this once, and then no more fascism, dammit: Morgan Freeman's Lucius Fox will put his foot down about Batman violating the entire city's privacy with his home version of the Total Information Awareness game just as soon as we've proved the ends justify the means. Huh? Which brings us to... ... Batman getting to do whatever the hell he wants because he's not a hero. Look, I know Bob Kane scribbled the Bat idea on the back of a bar napkin and then had Bill Finger hack it out all in color for a dime with no promise that the character would forever be a saint. But The Dark Knight leaves us with a disturbing message: "No matter how much we try to be good, the forces of gleeful, random evil compel us to do wrong in order to prevent our destruction. Henceforth, Batman will be the ungovernable agent of that compulsion, operating not only as a vigilante, but the tainted counterpart of evil." That can't lead anywhere good, and real-life examples of power abused are blindingly obvious. Makes it hard for me to enjoy this film.

Star Wars Ren: Han posed first

Hilarious: Star Wars Character / Fine Art mashups. ahdarth.jpgvia | Worth 1000 | Star Wars Ren | A long time ago, in an art gallery far far away ...
I went to an art gallery the other day. The artworks were all right, I guess, but you know what they were missing? Wookiees. There wasn't one Wookiee in sight. Also no Jedis, no Storm Troopers ... in fact none of the artworks had any Star Wars elements at all! In this contest we're going to rectify the art world's mistake by placing Star Wars character, items, vehicles and scenes into classic art works. Paintings, tapestries and sculptures are all allowed.

40 years ahead of her time: Lost Tapes of Dr. Who Composer

derbyshire.jpgSpecial notice given to dave-o and all other electronic music geeks, ante-synth division via | Beeb | Lost tapes of the Dr Who composer
Delia Derbyshire was working in the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop in 1963 when she was given the score for a theme tune to a new science fiction series. She turned those dots on a page into the swirling, shimmering Doctor Who title music - although it is the score's author, Ron Grainer, who is credited as the composer. Now David Butler, of Manchester University's School of Arts, Histories and Cultures has revealed for the first time the existence of 267 tapes found in Ms Derbyshire's attic when she died in 2001.... Most unexpected of all, however, is a piece of music that sounds like a contemporary dance track which was recorded, it is believed, in the late sixties. Paul Hartnoll, formerly of the dance group Orbital and a great admirer of Ms Derbyshire's work, said the track was, "quite amazing". "That could be coming out next week on [left-field dance label] Warp Records," he noted.
Sound samples provided, including the original Dr. Who theme, skwee!

July 19, 2008

"Tulsa Bible" - Small-time, gay-baiting Okla. politician can't draw for shit

OKcantdrawforshit.JPG via | ABC News | Mud-Slinging Comic Book Stirs Up Scandal Oklahoma County Official Creates Comic Featuring Gays in Togas, Satan
Political candidates looking for an edge have employed all types of cutthroat tactics to sully their opponents, from TV ads depicting nuclear war and paroled murderer-rapists to flyers alleging interracial relationships and criminal fraud. A politician in Oklahoma uses a 16-page comic book to lampoon his opponents. And then there was the 16-page homophobic comic book featuring Satan, angels, toga-wearing gay people and crude depictions of public officials discussing "anal sodomy" and "Pedifiles." Read the whole comic book here. Brent Rinehart, an Oklahoma County Commissioner locked in a tough reelection race, spent two months creating the comic book and is preparing to send it out to registered Republicans in his district. In one panel, Satan is depicted holding a pitchfork, saying "If I can get the kids to believe homosexuality is normal!" A nearby angel replies, "Hey Satan, not with Brent around you won't."

Pool's Closed: The Internets fail IRL

via | Encyclopedia Dramatica | Pool's Closed Woman Mis-Interprets Internet Meme as Racist Pool's Closed 2 : Electric Boogaloo

Poor Mojo's Almanac(k)
Issue #391 - Thurs., July 17, 2008

This post will remain here for one day. Scroll down for new news. Fun Fact: President Woodrow Wilson was only four feet tall. Giant Squid: Ask the Giant Squid: Dr. Love
Dear Giant Squid, What should I say to her? unsigned
Fiction: Jodie's Bunny
Jodie always had a story or a trick, or maybe just a joke to tell. He started doing this thing where he would turn his two front pants pockets inside out and yell "kiss the bunny". The pockets being ears, his "bunny" thrust forward. We all laughed, the way he said it, the look on his face. It was funny. Funny at first, then funny when it was so wrong .
Poetry: 23 Degrees Of Freedom Isn't Enough
1.) There are 23 degrees of freedom available solely in the hand above the wrist.
Rant: Review: Secret Invasion #4 and Captain Britian and MI13 #3
Secret Invasion is an example of the worst sort of decompression. In the course of four issues perhaps twenty minutes have passed in comic time. Every issue has one plot point to hit, padded out by endless fight scenes and blather. The amount of narrative that had been delivered so far would fit on eight pages of a standard compressed comic. Imagine an action movie—say Lethal Weapon—it's a fairly tight 90 minute film. Now imagine that it had been stretched to fill a 22-episode television series, with no additional action or meaningful dialogue. Just, say, driving scenes or Murtaugh buying coffee. Riggs showering. That is what Secret Invasion feels like.

July 18, 2008

Print-death continues unabated: The Vanishing Newspaper

Journalista | [Top Story] Newspaper Armageddon continues:
  • Sarah Rabil reports that advertising revenues for USA Today fell by 27% in June, the worst the paper has seen so far this year and considerably worse than the average 16% dip seen by publications owned by parent company Gannett.
  • The Honolulu Advertiser has laid off nearly 10% of its staff, including longtime cartoonist Dick Adair.
  • According to the Associated Press, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution will cut some 200 jobs, or roughly 8% of its employee workforce.
  • The Portland Business Journal is reporting that The Oregonian “is closing three metro bureaus and merging the staffs into three other bureaus.” No layoffs are said to be forthcoming.
NYT | Two Leaders to Step Down at Tribune Newspapers
The upheaval at the Tribune Company continued Monday as the publisher of The Los Angeles Times and the top editor of The Chicago Tribune stepped down, both at a time when their papers were preparing for major redesigns and deep cuts in their newsroom staffs. Several high-ranking officers at Tribune have already left or been forced out since the new management led by the real estate magnate Samuel Zell took control in December; they include the top editor of The Los Angeles Times and the publisher of The Tribune.
Murdock and Zell join AP board of directors

Kay Ryan has been chosen to be the country's 16th poet laureate by the Librarian of Congress.

Bookslut has many links regarding Kay Ryan and her work. NYT Web Extra | Selected Poems by Kay Ryan
A CAT/A FUTURE A cat can draw the blinds behind her eyes whenever she decides. Nothing alters in the stare itself but she's not there. Likewise a future can occlude: still sitting there, doing nothing rude. HOME TO ROOST The chickens are circling and blotting out the day. The sun is bright, but the chickens are in the way. Yes, the sky is dark with chickens, dense with them. They turn and then they turn again. These are the chickens you let loose one at a time and small — various breeds. Now they have come home to roost—all the same kind at the same speed.