The Poor Mojo Newswire is a daily (sometimes hourly) news digest collected by dave-o, Mojo, Fritz, Alan, JIM, Bret and Longo. The goal is to share with the world what we are reading over the course of the day. It aspires to be no more, and yet, has managed to develop a daily readership of over three thousand souls across the world.

We pity those poor fools.

The Poor Mojo Newswire is a product of Poor Mojo Enterprises.
Morgan Johnson lives in San Francisco. He enjoys a debauched vegetarian lifestyle and is happy to realize that there can be such a thing. He writes things for the internet and would like to do so professionally if possible. Mojo--as he is sometimes called--enjoys comic books, video games, fiction, science fiction, fictional science and cooking. He spends far too much on the internet, usually trying to feed the insatiable appetite of the Almanack and her Newswire.

Mojo is available for freelance concerns and can be reached via the internet at editors at poormojo dot com, as can all of our contributors.

dave-o is David Erik Nelson, a kindly old man with a song in his heart and candy in his pocket. All children naturally trust and love him, raw meat makes him salivate, and he is startlingly accurate with a small caliber pistol. He occasionally grants wishes.
An itinerant post-secondary educator and information designer, JIM lives on the un-expense-accounted fringes of the New Economy. Teaching people what they need to know to navigate that Ec(k)onomy more successfully than he does, and building structures that help people do the same, he tries to make beer money by anticipating his own planned obsolescence.

Honestly, if somebody would just let him yell at 20-year-olds for half of every day and pay him in whiskey, turkey sandwiches and potato chips, he'd die a happy man at 42. Until such an offer arrives, however, he'll continue searching for colorful or arousing scraps of data on the Internet.

He lets the other bastards worry about politics, he likes crazy photo and video, and he's drunk as he writes this.

The Giant Squid
Fritz is a writer who lives in Michigan.
Alan takes advantage of the high-speed Internets connection at his excruciating day job at a self-congratulating Midwestern American university to add his own brand of liberal-crank mirth to The Newswire. A father of two and husband of one, he currently lives at the ragged edge of a very expensive Zip Code, as usual. They say the shutdown garbage dump across the street don't leak much. A graduate of Antioch College, he is -- unlike Rod Serling, Coretta Scott King and Stephen J. Gould -- not the first alum you'd point out to demonstrate its effectiveness in grooming students for success. Alan still wonders what's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding, and why 51 percent of his country's voters reelected a drug-cooked, crooked, war-mongering retard president.