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October 30, 2008

Ginger Skeletons!

From My Paper Crane

October 28, 2008

Cwuddly Wittle Wamb!

From the Bay Area moms photo section at sfgate

October 27, 2008


Instructions for making your own at Instructables

Dress up your Pet!

Cuteoverload has an entertaining collection of pets dressed up/being tortured for Halloween. Cats + stuffing them in a box = a very angry cat.

See them all here

My favorites:

October 24, 2008

Peekabo Panda!

From Sfgate's Day in Pictures

Pictures of Babies Messing With Obama's Head

October 23, 2008

Baby Echidna (a Puggle)!

More here @ Cellar Image of the Day

Travel Babo Gets Around!

Traveling Babo gets bored easily and is frequently searching for a new adventure. Traveling Babo, or "TB" as he is known in the Ugly circles, has visited Easter Island, Santiago, Chile, Paris, London, Shanghai, Tokyo, Mexico City, Seattle, San Francisco, Beijing, The Smoky Mountains in TN, Austin, New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, Boston, LA, Scottsdale, Chicago, Ottawa, Dallas, Miami, St. Martin - French Antilles, Beijing and Washington DC in the past 3 years.

More pictures on Flickr here

October 21, 2008

Dress your dog like the Prince of the Cosmos

Wonderland: OMG etsy rummage

October 20, 2008

Muppet Baby Recipes!

There were two very important yellowed sheets in my mom's recipe box. They were covered in plastic and from a Woman's Day magazine dated 1/8/1985. Baby Fozzie's Dump Cake was THE recipe my sister and I loved and we never grew tired of it. I don't even remember if we bothered to try the other ones (they look kinda gross now). For a while my mom thought she lost them and we were devastated. But o ho ho! We found them.

Cooking with the Muppet Babies (for Nanny's Birthday), Woman's Day Magazine 1985

Cute cute cute!

so i don't really know what the internet protocol is for this, but i can't stop thinking about how adorable and supportive and wonderful this is. the other night i was looking for something on flickr and came across the page of a woman who is pretty much the coolest mom ever. it was actually kinda of inspiring to think about how creative she is in her life and how creative she is with her son. art night involved a kid more covered in paint than the paper and there's a video of her son acting like a gorilla dancing around to his favorite band, the gorillaz.
but my favorite thing is that she made a t-shirt for her son about his imaginary friend:

and i <3 this drawing:

Found on Flickr user Jenville's photostream

Ah, Mondays...

Found here

October 16, 2008

om gnome gnome!

Dress your baby (or your imaginary baby or your dog or pterodactyll) as a gnome for halloween!
(I really wish there was a picture of a baby actually wearing the costume)

For sale on etsy

Jumpy Jump Jump!

October 15, 2008

Upside Down Dogs!

a new website featuring UPSIDE DOWN DOGS! ZOMG, it is the cute!

Upside down dogs

October 07, 2008

Give a Hoot!

The cuddliest owl ever!

available at One Step Ahead

October 06, 2008

Lego Halloween Decorations!

Directions on how to make them at Evil Mad Scientist