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palmDOC-on-Demand Conversion Engine


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PLEASE NOTE: We ask that you PLEASE RESPECT AUTHORS' COPYRIGHTS and only convert works that you have the right to alter or reproduce.


The Doc on Demand engine has been painstakingly assembled by our very own David Nelson. The purpose of this mysterious device is the conversion of text files (be they pasted from your clipboard or Stripped by this very engine from the URL you provide) from their ASCII state into a .pdb file which can be read on your palm-top computer (e.g. a Palm Pilot, Visor, one of those crazy PDA-cellphone thingies, a Psion, a Jornada, etc., etc., ad infinitum.) By the glory and miracle of science, the letters of your text doc are whisked through the motivator, into the grinder and then ejected from the vaporisor for your immediate download and use.

Insert your text, press the button, and enjoy the fruit of our labor.

Note: Some browsers abridge text pasted into the entry field to ~10 pages, documents can be longer if they are stripped from a URL. If you are having problems, post the DOC as an HTML page and strip directly from that URL. Good Luck! Also, remember, you need a Doc Reader on your palm pilot in order to read a Palm Doc (that goes without saying, I suppose, but we shall say it anyway). Two of our favorite readers are iSilo and CSpotRun. Word on the street is that there are doc readers available for just about every flavor of the wee-computer (Memoware has a pretty extensive list of them.) We wouldn't know about that, as we're PalmOS people, through and through. But don't let that stop you.

This engine was specifically designed for the Project Gutenberg library of texts (which isn't to say that it can't convert stuff from just about anywhere, 'cause it can, baby!). If you haven't heard of Project Gutenberg, or would like to go there now and browse their library, click here and a new browser window will spawn.

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