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Poetry #264
(published February 2, 2006)
Stop Working for The Boss II
found by Fritz Swanson

Ninety six bottles of beer, three a's, three b's, one c, two d's, thirty six e's, three f's, two g's, seven h's, eleven i's, one j, one k, six l's, one m, twenty n's, twelve o's, one p, one q, six r's, twenty eight s's, nineteen t's, seven v's, seven w's, six x's, and five y's on the wall..
I didn't love dancing for two hours..
The gardners regret skiing well..
Toren came to me at age 32 months. He had 2 words: Ma Ma and Bye Bye. He could not focus, but ran around the room. His mother was convinced I was going to have him cured by his third birthday. I told her I was no miracle worker, but we'd do what we could during the next 4 months. Immediately we started structuring Toren's day. I went home and worked up a program called 'Toren's Nouns'. The first day I showed Toren the program, he looked at it for 10-15 seconds and then left the computer. The next day he stayed about 30 seconds. Each day he built up more time at the computer. By the second week, he would sit on my lap for 10 minutes pressing whichever word he wanted to hear. But he spoke no sounds, no words. Three weeks passed. I began berating myself. 'See, Jo, you thought this noun program was so great. Look at Toren, he's not learning anything.' The fourth week Toren walked over to the computer, picked up the overlay from the IntelliKeys keyboard, pointed to 10 different words and approximated each word. That day, I cried..
I am not missing surfing..

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