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We publish good people. To prove it, we have collected here books published through other companies that were written by people who consented to have their work appear in our fine Almanac(k). We command you to buy these books, even though we make no substantial amount of money from their sale.
The Rage of Achilles
by Terence Hawkins

See What Terence Hawkins has in the Almanac(k)

Dodging Traffic
by J. Bradley

See What J. Bradley has in the Almanac(k)

Life In The Slow Lane: Surviving A Tour Of Duty In Drivers Education
by Thomas M. Sullivan

See What Thomas Sullivan has in the Almanac(k)

Next Door Lived a Girl
by Stefan Kiesbye

See What Stefan has in the Almanac(k)

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Please Don't Come Back from the Moon
by Dean Bakopoulos

See What Dean has in the Almanac(k)

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The Time It Takes to Fall
by Margaret Lazarus Dean

See What Margaret has in the Almanac(k)

Blues for a Dime Store Guitar
by Ray Sikes

See What Ray has in the Almanac(k)

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